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Previous Commissions

I absolutely love working with my customers to make the perfect piece of jewellery for them to treasure for a life time or for that special gift for friend or a relation 


Marine Elegance

Alf asked me to make a gift for her daughter for Christmas. Her daughter's favourite past time is fishing and so she asked me if I could make a necklace that was related to fishing! This is what we came up with. A bigger fish must have eaten the fish whilst she was reeling it in!

Stars and moon bangle

Stars & Moon Bangle 

Martyn's daughter was moving to Australia and he wanted to give her a gift to take with her. He wanted something that would connect them and so we thought that the stars and the moon would be ideal.

Sea Glass Cufflinks in Packaging .jpg

Seaglass Cufflinks 

Emma asked me to make a present for her husband to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Matt had grown up near the wittering's and therefore she asked me if I could make some silver cufflinks with beach glass picked up from the local beach. I have a large amount of beach glass but it is always difficult to find two similar pieces.

deborah finished.jpg

Diamond Necklace 

I don't often get to work with real diamonds, but when I do it is a real pleasure. Deborah asked me to reset this diamond in a necklace, but she wanted to be able to wear it in different styles. So this is what I came up with..


Special Birthday Present 

Dee wanted to surprise his wife with a pair of earrings for a special birthday. However, he only contacted me a couple of days before the big event! So we agreed that I would meet with his wife and she would provide me with a brief. Her favourite stone is Lapiz Lazuli and these are set in 9ct recycled gold. A lovely treat for me to get to work in gold

Diamon Ring.jpg

Diamond Ring 

Carol had a beautiful 0.85 carat diamond that she had inherited from her uncle many years ago and she wanted to have it set in a new ring, so that it could be worn rather than lingualising in a drawer. We had several meetings to discuss the design as it wasn't possible to make the design that Carol originally had in mind as there was a high chance of loosing the diamond. ​ I made a wax mould of the design so that she could see what the finished design would look like. After receiving Carol's approval on the design I went ahead and sand cast the ring from the mould. The diamond is flush set in a chunky ring which was hallmarked at the London Assay Office. If you would like to have a piece of jewellery redesigned don't hesitate to contact me.

Miranda finished.jpg

Beautiful Opals

Mark asked me to make a pair of earrings for his wife for her birthday. I had brought these opals a few weeks before. As soon as he asked me to make the earrings I knew these would be excatly the right colours for his wife.


Limar Wrap Ring

Susie asked me to set these three pieces of Limar that she had picked up in Sri Lanka. As Susie is an artist she had drawn out the desgin that she wanted. I am really pleased that I was able to make her design come to life.


Eye Ring 

Alf asked me to make a gift for her daughter for her 18th Birthday. The brief was I would like a blue stone and for it to look like an eye. This 5mm Lapis Lazuli was set in Sterling Silver


Star Fish Birth Stone 

Rik, asked me to make a special present for his wife to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. A few secret meetings later I was really pleased to be able to give him this 5mm Emerald set on a Stirling Silver star fish.


Beach Glass Bangle and Necklace

Kim wanted to make a gift for her friends 60th Birthday present. Her best friend lives in Canada near Lake Eire. They both collect beach glass so Kim asked me to set three pieces of glass in each item. The pale pink and blue are from Lake Eire and the green is from Wittering. Joining friends that live on either side of the planet


Torque Pendent 

Sandy was retiring and her collegues wanted to give her a present. Having worked with Sandy I was really honoured to be asked to make her a piece of jewellery. Sandy loves big bold pieces and I love making this Ruby in Zosite Pendent which is set on solid silver torque.

Penny front view.jpg


Penny had a bangle that had broken and had been sitting in her jewellery box for ages, she loved the blue glass, but didn't really wear bangles anymore. So she asked if I could redesign it into a ring. Penny also asked if the ring could be designed so that it could go over her knuckles but then not be too big once it was on her finger. So I made and open ring so that it can be adjusted.


Sweet 16

I was asked by Hannah to make a birthstone necklace for her daughter to celebrate her 16th birthday. 16 is stamped on the a love heart which is set on the back of the necklace. As you can see she loved it!



This was my very first commission. Isobel was studying geography at university and she asked me if I could mount the ammonite that she had found on one of her field trips.

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